Carrie Eldridge

Founder, ATO Gallery

Founder of ATO Gallery. Carrie has 16 years of sales experience in retail, software, and financial products. This entrepreneur has been launching technology companies since her sophomore year in college and has been inventing consumer products since she was eight years old. She was a private wealth advisor at Morgan Stanley for two years and still holds a series 7, 66. Before Morgan Stanley and ATO Gallery, Carrie launched a website-as-a-service(WAAS) allowing people to buy and sell luxury apparel in a private community, Mode De Faire. She raised capital; built a full-time team of four professionals including the then Principal Engineer of, and a BlackRock algorithm writer and CFA. She is experienced in writing PRD, MRD, Wireframing, UI/UX design, and conducting user testing. Before Mode De Faire, Carrie worked for IBM and designed a mobile sales app that gave new life to an old algorithm. She was inducted into the IBM Executive Mentorship Program; her manager described her as “having what it takes to be the next CEO of IBM”. Simultaneously, Carrie developed a mobile app for the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. She received a provisional patent from the US Patent Office for her UI/UX and hardware interface for a security asset tracking mobile app that also allowed for the ordering of concessions and merchandise. With CISCO’s help, she assessed the total cost to update the stadium with a better beacon system she designed in collaboration with an engineer from MIT. Her focus is fully now on the ATO Platform, a decentralized exchange that allows artists to raise money, track secondary market sales, and stay connected to their patrons. The exchange also allows collectors to prove provenance, understand artwork values in real time, and directly invest in artists based on a tokenized value system. She has recently appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, CNBC, CNN, ArtNet, Bad Crypto show, and a number of online art magazines and podcast.

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