Jay Schweid

A native New Yorker, Jay Schweid began his work in the entertainment industry at age 16, promoting events at Studio 54 and Area, but decided to explore his passion for tennis.  As a professional player, he trained extensively with Martina Navratilova and other local professionals which led to his first entrepreneurial success with JCS. His company was responsible for thousands of match-ready racquets which were provided court-side for the most well-known professionals in tennis.


Combining the worlds of professional athletics and New York City nightlife, Jay then founded an exclusive and anonymous concierge service for athletes and celebrities. While this level of adventure would have sent most people in search of a calm private island off the grid, Mr. Schweid chose an alternate approach to serenity through his launch of the Spot with Mickey Rourke (…yes THAT Mickey Rourke!).


Jay eventually shifted his focus solely to entertainment and began producing multiple independent films, music videos, and events through his company, ephelants. However; Jay quickly recognized the filmmakers’ collective struggle which keeps creativity hostage and tired stories in circulation. His desire to utilize cutting edge technology to democratize the entire filmmaking process led to the launch of ephelants360.


While ephelants360 has been met with high praise from noteworthy thought leaders and game changers, it is Jay Schweid’s life experience and drive that will finally answer the cry of audiences everywhere for fresh stories, earth shattering ideas, and brilliant performances that not only add value to production but to our everyday lives.

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