Lauren Slade

Co-Founder, CryptoVixens / Swarm City

Lauren Slade is an accomplished operations and support professional with over five years of direct experience providing tactical strategies ranging from small startups to large-scale teams operating globally. As a forward-thinking tech leader, she believes in pairing laser-focused user observation with a great amount of drive to constantly improve ways of operating as the most definitive route to unstoppable success. Lauren is steadfast and committed to collaboratively solving meaningful problems with a team who values getting things done. She co-founded Swarm.City (then Arcade City) in June of 2016 to direct the V2 integration of decentralized management systems and develop operational growth processes. Lauren is proud of the achievements her team has had developing a self-sustaining business model, free of a central governing council from the top down. Her passion for process-minded management and developing teams inspires her to successfully scale and balance hyper growth within talent and project recruitment and makes her a perfect fit for Loly. As a natural planner, she enjoys getting down to the detail on performance and tracking metrics.

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